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How to Write Meta-Tag Descriptions That Attract More Traffic Than Higher Ranking Websites

Meta Descriptions For Websites

The pressure is on.

Here you are, a new SEO freelancer finally landing clients… and you can’t seem to rank their websites higher.

And even though you don’t work in the same office, you feel their hot breathing down your neck just from their emails.

“We’ve been paying you for 6 months. Why aren’t we ranking in the top 4 results yet?”

But alas, SEO is not a quick fix. And if you’re new, you may still be climbing the learning curve that was steeper than expected.

Every day, your client is missing out on business because the competition is getting clicked on first.

But what if you can still provide an improvement in results while you work on ranking them higher?

If you can at least get them on the first page, then you can whip out a strategy most local businesses don’t take advantage of.


Simple Buyer Psychology Is Being Ignored

The good news is, it’s usually being ignored by everybody else too.

Are you so caught up creating PBNs and repeating keywords that you’re forgetting to put the consumer first?

Chances are, the rest of the competition is making the same mistake. It’s just what’s typical for local business websites.

SEOs often put all their energy in racing to the top.

But here’s the secret everybody’s forgetting:

People don’t just blindly give their business to the first result.


The Most Enticing Title and Meta-Tag Description Wins
Here’s what the marketing legend Gary Halbert said about the matter:

“Look, when people type a search word or a search phrase into a search engine, they do NOT necessarily click on the sites which pop up in the first three or four results. No. What they do is, they glance down the list of those top ten sites and read the brief descriptions of each site… and… the name of each website.

The one they really click on first (and you DO want it to be yours) is the one with the most enticing copy describing the website… and… the website name.”

Google has already made it clear that meta-tag descriptions have no direct effect on ranking whatsoever. And yet, many people still don’t know this.

Local competing websites tend to repeat the same generic, keyword-stuffed messages.

The truth is, the meta-tag description has one job: to get the click!

Does Your Client’s Meta-Tag Description Pass the “Forehead Slap” Test?

A quick copywriting trick to apply is A-list copywriter Clayton Makepeace’s patented “forehead slap test.”

For example, let’s look at this typical description:

“Welcome to our office. Dr. Vern is a well-trained chiropractor who’s provided excellent care for the past 15 years.”

Let’s see…

Do prospects wake up in the morning, slap their forehead and declare:

“I really need a well-trained chiropractor who’s provided excellent care for 15 years!”

Probably not.

Yet when they Google “chiropractor near me,” they are presented an endless sea of these kinds of descriptions to choose from.

Stop and think for a moment. What are some phrases someone who needs a chiropractor would really be saying as they slap their forehead in the morning?

Got it? Good.

Now… what if they came across this?

“Need a chiropractic adjustment ASAP? Same-day appointments and walk-ins available. Relax in one of our massage chairs afterward. Insurance accepted including HMO/PPOs.”

Stop and think about your client’s offer and the pains or desires of their target audience.

What do prospects grumble about when they slap their forehead in the morning?

If you show benefits and irresistible offers that pass the forehead slap test, your client will be sure to stand out from the competition.

Time to Earn More Traffic (and Maybe That Top Spot!)

While your meta-tag description has no direct effect on rankings, it does improve click-through rate, which Google considers as a ranking factor. This makes improving the description an important part of your SEO strategy.

Does the “forehead slap test” change the way you think about meta-tag descriptions?

Has your client experienced a higher clickthrough-rate since applying it?

Let us know in the comments!

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